Platos Argument of the Soul

Plato’s Arguments for the Soul

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The Argument from Recollection
a. Thesis: Before the creation of our body, our soul existed which causes us to recall or remember.
b. Arguments to demonstrate thesis:
1. Having an item to remind of us of something real isn’t the item/object that reminds us. It triggers our thoughts. Example: a photo that reminds me of my grandson, so when I look at the photo it reminds me of him
2. There is temporal sequence in the process of learning/recollection
3. Perfect goodness is not part of this world, we grasp Forms which enhances our thinking about those things. Example: a plate on my table, it’s got imperfections and round, however, we think about round objects.
4. We had previous knowledge or were acquainted with these Forms before this life.
5. We have met or been acquainted directly with the forms before.
6. Conclusion: The were no reason to think that our soul was the building block, however, we have good reason to conclude that our soul was around before we were born.
The Argument from Affinity
Thesis: Unlike the air we breathe the soul if not scattered, the soul is like a Form, therefore, it will survive death
a. Argument to demonstrate thesis:
1. Two type of existence- invisible and visible world of Forms (intelligible), access with our mind and always the same world.
2. Visible things are our sense that are human and (unintelligible) a composite nature.
           3. The soul and body are both like the world.
            4. If freed, the soul can make its way to world unless, the soul is polluted by bodily influence, it likely will stay bound to world  
5. The soul is immortal and make take on immortality in different forms.
6. Soul isn’t detached from body will become a ghost that longs to return to the body
7. The Soul is like the Gods.
8. When body and soul are together, it is natural for the soul to…