Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality


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Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality
What is homosexuality? Homosexuality is defined as being sexually attracted to people of the same sex (“Homosexuality,” 2014). So in other words, homosexuals are individuals that are attracted both romantically and sexually to the same sex. Homosexuality is not something that just begun. All throughout history homosexuality has been viewed in a controversial light with many people viewing it as a disgrace, while others view it as an accepted way of life. Without question homosexuality can be described as one of the most resilient and taboo minorities in our society. The historical and scientific perspectives on homosexuality have shaped the way gay individuals perceive themselves in various ways. These perspectives may also be beneficial to heterosexuals’ understanding of others in our world of sexual diversity.
We can start with the first historical perspective involving the Western culture. In ancient Greece, for example, established men frequently formed sexual relationships with adolescent males. In this culture, male homosexuality was more accepted and less taboo than lesbianism. This was due in part because men were seen as the superior gender whereas women were seen simply as children producers. Centuries later, the Romans described highly feminine gay men who dressed flamboyantly, had showy hair styles and mannerisms, and cruised certain neighborhoods, searching for partners. Although past Greek and Roman cultures were frequently involved in homosexual relationships, the Christian religion denounced those sexual associations and made their beliefs and intentions clear that this behavior was not to continue. When the Roman Empire fell in the 15th century Christianity became the dominant religion and the main moral view in the West. Homosexuality in the Christian religion is considered a sin therefore many Romans were punished and condemned for being homosexual. This began the start of the…