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MLA Citation: Beringer, John E. “Releasing Genetically Modified Organisms: Will Any Harm Outweigh Any Advantage?*.” Journal of Applied Ecology. 37.2 (2000): 207-214. Print.
John E Beringer is currently a professor of the University of Bristol. His research fields are microbiology, genetics & genealogy, and plant & animal Science. His work was first published in 1967. Now, he has a total of 69 publications on Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Journal of Applied Ecology, Journal of Applied Microbiology and so on. His work was cited by 3417 authors. (“Author.” N.p., n.d. Web. 8 June 2016.)
Beringer mentioned that as the development of genetic foods, people gradually worry about the food security and potential risks to the environment. Nearly all the changes in agricultural practice have a negative influence on wildlife. Human interventions will affect the species diversity of wild plants and animals. Ecological effects of genetic food should be taken into consideration.
This article mainly discusses the negative effect of genetic tools. I totally agree with Beringer’s ideas. People’s knowledge of nature is very limited, so it is hard to decide to what extent the influence of genetic food will have on nature. Beringer’s paper can provide examples and materials for my research of harmful effects on genetic foods to support my argument that transgenic technology should not be applied in crops unless it passes through very careful safety test.
MLA Citation: Carter, Colin A, Giancarlo Moschini, and Ian M. Sheldon. “Innovation, Risk, Precaution, and the Regulation of GM Crops.” Genetically Modified Food and Global Warfare. Bingley, U.K: Emerald, 2011. Internet resource.
Colin A Carter is a distinguished professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics of University of California, Davis. He is also a director of Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics. His work focused on issues related to…

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