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A. Executive Summary 4
A1. Business Identification: 4
A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives: 4
A3. Keys to Success: 5
B. Company Summary 6
B1. Industry History: 6
B2. Legal Form of Ownership: 6
B3. Location and Facilities: 6
B4: Management Structure: 7
B5. Products and Service: 8
C. Market Analysis 9
C1: Target Market 10
C2: Industry Analysis 11
C3: Competitive Analysis 12
D. Market Strategy 13
D1: 4Ps. 13
D2: Price List- 14
D3: Selling Strategy- 17
D4: Sales Forecast- 18
E. Implementation Strategy 19
E1. Overall Strategy- 19
E2. Implementation- 20
E3. Control Plan- 20
F. Financial Statements and Projections 21
F1. Revenue and Cost Estimate- 21
F2. Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement 22
F3. Forecasted Balance Sheet- 23
G1. Financial Projections 24
G1a- Breakeven Point- 25
G1b-Financial Position: 26
G1c-Capital/Investment Needs: 26
References 28

A. Executive Summary
A1. Business Identification:
CES will operate as a home run business in North Ogden, Utah. We will cater to market roughly 100 miles in diameter from the North Ogden area. CES will provide home automation and home theater solutions to the people in the market area.
In order to fund the startup costs of CES the owner Blake T has sold a piece of investment real estate and was able to obtain $93,000 in profit from the sale. These funds will be used to provide the necessary startup capital for CES. $60,000 will be put in a business account for startup costs and the remaining $33,000 will be put in savings and be available as a liquid asset for gaps in product purchase and customer payment.
CES has been forecasted to have an extraordinarily profitable first year of operation, and will be able to do so without the use of borrowed funds. Based on the forecast the company will spend the better part of the first year in the “black” and borrowing of funds will not be necessary.
A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives:
Mission: The mission of CES is to introduce a…