Accountability is when you overcome fear and accept responsibility for the consequences of your actions. An accountable person is more concerned about what is right than what others will think. An accountable person acts in good faith at all times allowing others to trust in them and depend on them.
Accountability requires a willingness to answer questions from those people affected by your actions. As a person becomes more influential accountability becomes ever more important.
Accountability means walking the walk once you have talked the talk. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors out there in today’s murky business world with promises made that are often unfulfilled. Holding one’s self accountable is a noble task that instantly earns the respect and credibility of those around you, for standing behind your opinions with conviction is far more fulfilling than achieving the outcomes of right or wrong.
Accountability is integrity
Accountability is the ability to follow through with your commitments.
Accountability requires a deep personal understanding that we each are active members in global, national, and local communities. Membership requires that we honor these communities’ customs and laws, that we serve as these communities with integrity, and that we treat all community members with respect and dignity.
To be accountable is to consistently demonstrate the dedication to stand up and support an individual, group, or community, and to have the courage to do so even if you stand alone. It is a devotion that is only truly evident during the toughest of times.
Accountability is the reciprocal of leadership. Whereas leadership involves having influence, accountability is the capacity to be influenced. Within a just system, every act of power must be counterbalanced by an equally-weighted responsibility. Therefore every change in the world should provoke the question: At what cost?
Accountability means conducting yourself in a way that would make…

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